Strawberry Cookie Dessert


Strawberry Cookie Dessert is one of the simplest berry desserts. This dessert is fresh, creamy, juicy, super delicious, and very quick to make – perfect for hot summer days. Strawberry Cookie Dessert is healthy because it consists of fresh strawberries, white refined sugar-free, and is free of other unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients. Strawberry Cookie Dessert is also vegan and lactose-free.

You can also try to make this dessert with any other berries instead of strawberries and choose different types and flavors of yogurts to create your favorite taste.

Strawberry Cookie Dessert

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Strawberry Cookie Dessert
Strawberry Cookie Dessert

TIME: 10 min |SERVINGS: 1 portion


  • 120g fresh strawberries
  • 80g sugar-free cookies
  • 1 – 2 tbsp Honey
  • 200g plant-based Greek-style yogurt


  1. Chop or crush the cookies. Take a glass or any other kind of dessert dish. Place the cookies in the glass.
  2. Blend or mash with the fork the strawberries with honey.
  3. Add a strawberry layer over the cookies.
  4. Add the yogurt layer and repeat all if needed until the glass is almost full or the ingredients are over.

If you tried this recipe, I will be very happy to see it, tag my IG account using @healthychoicesbysabine.


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