Vegan Banoffee Cake

Vegan Banoffee Cake

This cake is like a sweet dream, crunchy cookies base covered with airy whipped cream, and loaded with sweet bananas and creamy peanut butter. Who could resist? Easy, sweet and so delicious Banoffee Cake will suit every occasion. It’s refined sugar-free, vegan, and lactose-free. 

Vegan Banoffee Cake

This Vegan Banoffee Cake is:

  • Sweet
  • No-bake 
  • Airy
  • Creamy
  • Vegan
  • Easy to make
  • Refined sugar-free
Vegan Banoffee Cake

What tools do I need to make this cake?

  • Hand mixer
  • Large bowl
  • Cake tin

What ingredients can be replaced in this recipe?

Peanut butter: You can replace with any other creamy nut butter.

Whipping cream: You can use other vegan or regular whipping cream.

Agave syrup: Can be replaced with honey, maple syrup or stevia, coconut sugar, cane sugar.

Vegan Banoffee Cake

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Vegan Banoffee Cake

TIME: 15 min preparation, overnight to set up| SERVINGS: 10


  • 200g sugar-free cookies
  • 60g coconut oil (melted)
  • 2 big bananas
  • 60g creamy peanut or other nut butter
  • 250ml oat or another vegan whipping cream
  • 50g agave syrup or honey
  • 20g vegan chocolate
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice (squeezed from 1/3 of lemon)


NOTE: If you want to eat a cake right away, or do not want to wait that many hours, then take a glass bowl or bowl with the edges and make a cake in it and enjoy it as a dessert right away.

  1. Blend or crush the cookies. Add melted coconut oil stir together until combined. 
  2. Put the cookie mixture into a cake tin, evenly spread over and press it. 
  3. Peel and cut the bananas into slices, add lemon juice and mix well. Lemon juice will help them not turn black and dark, and avoid discoloration. 
  4. Spread the banana slices over the cookie base evenly.
  5. Cover the bananas with creamy peanut butter.
  6. Take a larger bowl, add whipped cream, and agave syrup. Whisk with a hand mixer until the mass is doubled and airy.
  7. Pour the whipped cream over the banana layer and refrigerate overnight to allow the cream to set. The top layer of the cake can still be liquid and creamy, but it’s acceptable.
  8. Decorate the cake with chocolate shavings.
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