Coconut Bounty Bars

Coconut Bounty Bars (sugar-free)

These vegan Coconut Bounty Bars are one of the easiest bars that you can make at home. You can enjoy almost the same taste as the original Bounty bars, but with much healthier ingredients. Only a few ingredients and 15 minutes of your time and you will get coconutty, healthy, vegan grab-and-go homemade Coconut Bounty Bars.

Coconut Bounty Bars

These Coconut Bounty Bars are:

  • Coconutty
  • Dairy-free and lactose-free
  • Easy to make
  • Healthy
  • Naturally sweetened with honey
  • Vegan
  • Grab-and-go snack
  • Refined sugar-free
Coconut Bounty Bars

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TIME: 15 min preparing, at least 30 minutes in the fridge or freezer  SERVINGS: 7


  • 100g shredded coconut
  • 100g coconut milk (canned, thick part)
  • 40g honey (runny) 
  • 50g vegan dark chocolate
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil


  1. Blend shredded coconut using a blender or process it in a food processor until you get it close to flour consistency.
  2. Take a bowl, and add blended shredded coconut, coconut milk, and honey. Combine all well until the sticky mixture is formed.
  3. Melt the chocolate at a very low temperature, and add the coconut oil to get the chocolate more liquid. Combine all until getting a smooth and liquid mixture.
  4. Make rectangular bars by hand. Cover them with melted chocolate. Tip! Take a fork, place a bar on the fork, and hold it over the chocolate mixture. Take a spoon in the other hand and cover the bar with chocolate. The excess chocolate will drip off.

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These coconut bounty bars are a healthy version of the real bounty bars. Very easy and fast to cook. These healthy bounty bars are sugar-free and lactose-free.

Bounty Bars Covered by Melted Chocolate

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Coconut Bounty Bars in the Coconut Bowl

Sugar-free Easy and Healthy Coconut Bounty Bars

Coconut Bounty Bars

TIME: 10 minutes to prepare, ~ 2 hours to chill |SERVINGS: 12


  • 2 tbsp coconut, almond, or oat flour
  • 150g unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 3 tbsp coconut or other plant milk
  • 3 tbsp honey (melted)
  • 130g sugar-free vegan chocolate


  1. Mix coconut and honey together. Honey needs to be melted and creamy.
  2. Add flour and milk, mix well all together.
  3. Form bars with your hands and place them on the plate.
  4. Put them in the freezer for 30 minutes.
  5. Melt the chocolate – a heat-proof bowl over a pan of simmering water or use the microwave at 10-15 seconds.
  6. Dip every bar into chocolate until it’s all covered and place to plate.
  7. Put them again in the freezer for two hours.

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