Healthy Chocolate Breakfast Pudding

This super smooth and creamy Chocolate Breakfast Pudding will be your next favorite breakfast. Healthy Breakfast Pudding is easy to make and consists of only 4 ingredients, it’s filling, healthy, and packed with only good things, it’s sugar-free and vegan.

Healthy chocolate Breakfast Pudding

Have you ever thought that you can wake up and treat yourself right away with a beautiful and healthy breakfast? Yes, it’s possible with Chocolate Breakfast Pudding, you just need to prepare it the day before and it takes only 5 minutes. This overnight Chocolate Breakfast Pudding is a perfect healthy breakfast that you can prepare in advance for busy mornings.

The key to this Chocolate Breakfast Pudding is blended overnight oats. In night oats are soaking, it allows to absorb the liquid and soften them enough to eat uncooked and get the consistency similar to pudding.

Chocolate Breakfast Pudding

What are the main ingredients?

  • Oats: This is the main ingredient, which makes the base of the pudding. Try to choose the best quality oats.
  • Cocoa: Choose the best quality cocoa.
  • Honey: This is my favorite healthy sweetener. You can replace it with agave, maple syrup, or stevia to get your perfect sweet taste.
  • Soy milk: You can use your favorite plant-based milk like almond, coconut, cashew, or oat milk. Choose unsweetened and the most natural milk.

Chocolate Breakfast Pudding is:

  • Vegan
  • Perfect for breakfast
  • Easy to make
  • Quick to make, preparation only 5 minutes
  • Refined sugar-free
  • Chocolatey
  • Egg-free
  • Banana-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Healthy

A few tips to make the best Chocolate Breakfast Pudding:

  1. You can add to the pudding protein powder to add more value and extra protein.
  2. You can warm Breakfast Pudding if you prefer warm oats in the morning. Just place it all in the pot at a very low temperature for a few minutes.
  3. You can top the pudding with whatever you like – fresh or frozen fruits, nut and nut butter, seeds, or dried fruits.
  4. Make the pudding in the glass or jar, that is the best option and make the pudding look very nice.

How to store Healthy Chocolate Breakfast Pudding?

You can store it in the fridge for up to 5 days, you can prepare more portions and then you will have the breakfast for many days.


TIME: 5 minutes preparation and at least 2 hours or overnight | SERVINGS: 1 portion


  • 7 tbsp oats
  • Equal part soy milk (1 part milk : 1 part oats)
  • 2 tsp cocoa
  • 2 tsp honey


  1. Take a blender or food processor. Add all ingredients – oats, cocoa, milk, and honey. Blend it all until you get the smooth mixture.
  2. Add the mixture to glass or jar and place in the fridge overnight.
  3. The breakfast pudding is ready in the morning, add nut butter, seeds, fruits and enjoy a new type of breakfast. 🙂

Peanut Butter Chia Pudding

Grab one more healthy chia pudding recipe. Peanut Butter Chia Pudding is super easy and for those who love the taste of peanut butter. Chia pudding is perfect for breakfast, as dessert and snack. It’s dairy-free and refined sugar-free.

Peanut Butter Chia Pudding

Chia pudding has countless combinations and flavours, this time I wanted to make it more filling, that’s why I chose to add peanut butter. Peanut Butter Chia Pudding is healthy because of the superfood – chia seeds, which makes the consistency of pudding and have a lot healthy benefits. Chia seeds are rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, fiber, protein, and calcium. This recipe is simple and easy to make, because the chia seeds will do the main part and make the creamy consistency of pudding.

Peanut butter Chia Pudding


Peanut Butter Chia Pudding

What are the ingredients?

  • Peanut butter – Use the peanut butter without sugar and palm oil, the most natural that you can find. You can try to use different nut butter as well, fo example, cashew or almond.
  • Chia seeds: I used black chia seeds.
  • Honey: This is my favorite healthy sweetener. You can replace it with agave, maple syrup, or stevia to get your perfect sweet taste.
  • Soy milk: I used soy milk. You can also choose your favorite plant-based milk, but pay attention to it’s sweetness to get the best taste.
Peanut Butter Chia Pudding


TIME: 10 minutes for preparation | at least 30 minutes for setting it up SERVINGS: 1 portion


  • 150ml of soy or other plant milk
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 4 tbsp chia seeds
  • 2 tbsp unsalted peanuts (optional)


  1. Take a glass, add milk, honey, and peanut butter. Combine all very well. You can you use blender or food processor to combine better if the peanut butter isn’t liquid enough and to get the best and smooth consistency.
  2. Add chia seeds, stir all and let the mixture sit for about five minutes and then stir again.
  3. Put the chia pudding in the fridge overnight or at least 30 minutes.
  4. Take a pan, heat it up to medium temperature and roast the peanuts until they get light brown.
  5. Sprinkle the peanuts over the chia pudding.
  6. Decorate with coconut flakes, more peanut butter, or chia seeds.

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